“Blackmore – king of post-jazz cowbell – has got it covered.” – Cellars and Lofts

“Scary Drumming”BK Drummer Magazine“Seriously funky grooves courtesy of Blackmore…It’s dirty noisy and needs to be in your collection.” – Jazzwise magazine

“Tricksy beat manipulator” – Timeout

“Blackmore’s drum patterns are highly detailed” – Martin Longely BBC

“Drummer Joshua Blackmore puts the group up with the world-class practitioners of this intricate and intimate kind of jazz…bumpy tatoos, hi-hat hisses and intensifying drama turn into miniature epics.” – The Guardian

“ …calling on Blackmore to use considerable skills and confidence in navigating intricate clockwork constructions full of treacherous twists and turns, devious time signatures and oddly off-kilter grooves………Blackmore enjoys the freedom to improvise within the rigid structures, one moments urging the trio on, the next holding back behind the beat with a laconic, almost sarcastic insouciance. Cerebral without being self-conscious, playful without seeming glib, this fine debut is simply bursting with intelligence and wit.” – Daniel Spicer Jazzwise

“….with Blackmore’s subtly detailed drumming a particular delight…to roaming around his kit in a display of controlled exuberance. Throughout the album Blackmore skilfully deploys the full sonic capabilities of his kit, using sticks and brushes, skins and rims, and exhibits a sublime touch at the cymbals. He seems to throw the whole kitchen sink into “The Tiling Song”. Blackmore gets better every time I see him” –


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